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Evaluation of Measures

Plan and evaluate measures

Measures to promote staff health and development are important – particularly at a time when the number of sick days relating to burnout or simple mental overload are increasing. It is therefore important that employees who are most in need are given tailor-made measures. DearEmployee identifies the target groups in your company who need to be addressed as a priority and recommends the most important measures.

The target-oriented planning and implementation of measures as well as ROI estimation allow for effective budget planning.


For each target group the best recommendations

There are many measures to promote health. But how can we know whether a given measure responds to the needs on the ground? This is why health promotion in companies is often managed according to the watering can principle: a little here, a little there. Targeted measures are more effective. DearEmployee uses an algorithm with a wealth of scientific know-how: we take into account the assessment of working conditions and their influence on health, motivation and commitment to the company, and then determine specific target groups and their respective needs. For each target group, only recommendations for measures that have the greatest effect are suggested.


“Time pressure is high.” And now?

Traditional questionnaires are not precise enough to reliably derive measures. Usually, several follow-up workshops are necessary until the core of a problem is understood.

DearEmployee provides you with direct starting points for measures. For this purpose, participants select details, known as tags, when assessing the working conditions. In this way, you receive precise suggestions for how to improve, with measures for all target groups in your company. And from those who have the best insight: your employees.


Implementing measures: internally or externally?

We see ourselves as your objective partner. That’s why we do not implement any measures ourselves and subsequently evaluate our own performance. If we identify a need for action, you decide how to proceed: If you decide to implement measures internally, we will gladly provide you with free guides to support you. If you need external help, you can sign up to offers directly from our qualified partners on the DearEmployee Platform or request a non-binding offer.


Plan, document and evaluate measures

No matter whether you decide on external implementation or tackle the challenges yourself – with DearEmployee you keep track of all measures. You can document planned, ongoing and completed measures and how they affect the target group. Through continuous surveys we automatically evaluate your measures for you. This allows you to review how well measures have worked and estimate the return on investment.


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