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Information for employees

On this page you can inform yourself about DearEmployee, especially about the upcoming online survey and the associated security and anonymity of your data.


What is DearEmployee?

DearEmployee is a company from Berlin, which was founded by scientists from Freie Universität Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

We believe that companies can only be successful, when they actively listen to their own employees. Also, we believe that work increases people’s life satisfaction and well-being – when the prerequisites are met. We accompany companies that share this vision.

Therefore, we analyze working conditions and their impact on mental health and performance within a company. On this basis we recommend the most effective measures for health promotion and organizational development. Additionally, we evaluate the success of implemented measures via continuous surveys.

DearEmployee supports both employees and employers as partners in the development of healthy workplaces. We see ourselves as process supervisors towards a healthy and successful corporate culture that benefits everyone in the company.

How does the survey work?

We invite you and your colleagues to take part in an online survey in which you voluntarily and anonymously provide information about your company, your occupation and your state of health with regard to your work. After the survey period, the results are calculated and processed according to scientific standards. Based on the results, DearEmployee proposes measures and supports your company in planning and selecting suitable providers.

Please note: your personal data will never be evaluated individually. Analyses are always carried out on the group level, which ensures that no conclusions can be drawn about you individually. Only results for groups larger than (at least) five persons are calculated.

With the goal of monitoring desired improvements, it is possible that you will receive invitations to a survey in regular periods after this survey. An annual implementation of the survey helps to keep an eye on positive and negative developments.

Why is my participation in the online survey important?

No one knows the opportunities and risks of your daily work better than you do. That is why a company’s employees are the greatest experts in evaluating everyday work. By analyzing the collected ratings of all employees a complex picture is painted, which allows statements about suitable measures.

Via your statements, you help us recommend tailored measures to your company, which help you work in a more healthy and successful manner.

What happens if I do not participate in the survey?

Participation is voluntary. You will not suffer any direct disadvantages if you do not participate. It is also not comprehensible for your employer whether you participate or not.

However, if you only shortly took a break from filling out the survey and would like to continue, you can reach the survey via your link at any time and simply continue where you stopped.

It would be a great pity if your voice were not heard and thus not included in the planning of possible measures and improvements. The more employees take part in the survey, the more reliable and meaningful the result and the measures derived will be. We therefore recommend: Talk to your colleagues about the upcoming survey and motivate them to participate.

How do I participate in the online survey?

In your invitation email or on your invitation card you will find a link or code to your personal online survey. If you did not take part in the survey yet, you will be regularly reminded to complete it during the survey period.

Important: Do not share your invitation link or code with anyone and do not forward your invitation email to anyone. Even though your participation in the survey is anonymous, you don’t want anyone filling out your questionnaire.

What will I be asked about in the online survey?

The survey contains questions about different working conditions. These working conditions are influencers of health, motivation and your commitment to the company. Each of the working conditions is enquired by one question and belongs to one the following seven fields:

A. Person: Onboarding, Role clarity, Qualification, Talent, Meaningfulness, Development opportunities, Equity, Job security.

B. Task: Versatility, Completeness, Scope of action, Responsibility, Physical demands, Emotional demands, Emotional consistency, Contact with third parties.

C. Organisation: Appropriate work intensity, Adherence to working hours, Operating processes, Predictability, Undisturbed working, Quality of information, Information procurement.

D. Space and time: Workplace, Work equipment, Work environment, Required mobility, Flexibility of workplace, Flexibility of working time, Availability.

E. Team: Expectations, Opportunities for exchange, Team spirit, Collaboration in the team, Collaboration between teams.

F. Leadership: Strategic leadership, Professional leadership, Social leadership, Feedback from managers.

G. Culture: Corporate vision, Business strategy, Innovation competence, Digital competence, Corporate values, Appreciation, Work-life balance.

Additionally, we ask you about three indicators (indices) of strain at work:

H. Health: Here we will ask you questions about your mental well-being as well as your physical complaints.

I. Motivation: Here you will evaluate a few statements about your engagement and motivation.

J. Commitment to your company: Here you let us know what your attitude towards your employer is as well as how you identify with the company.

You will generally face statements about the influencers and indices and then choose on a scale from 1 to 10 how much you agree with them (1 = I disagree, 10 = I totally agree). Depending on how you answer it is possible we will ask you more specific questions or we will ask you to give us the reasons behind your evaluation of the statements. For this you will see the so called tags. These are keywords that more specifically describe the working conditions and allow us to do a more thorough analysis of your answers. Additionally, you are able to add something to your response in the free text field.

Why would my age or gender potentially be inquired? Can’t you track my identity by using this information?

DearEmployee uses this completely anonymous data randomly to regularly examine if characteristics like age or gender modify the relationships between a working condition and for example motivation. Using such called control variables (like age or gender), we are able to increase the precision of our results. Even in such randomly based analyses, the minimal number of people in one group is five. Hence, your anonymity is always guaranteed. As an example: if there are only two people in the age group of 20 to 30 that work in an office, we could not analyze the data in this small group. The results of such randomly based analyses will not be shared with your employer. However, they can be published in scientific studies, but solely in a completely anonymized and aggregated form (using data from several companies).

How, where and when should I complete the online survey?

The survey can be completed on any device (e.g. PC, tablet, mobile phone) with Internet access. The prerequisite is that you have your personal link at hand on the terminal device (in your e-mail inbox) or otherwise (e.g. on a letter). We recommend you completing the survey undisturbed.

In case you choose to fill out the survey during your working hours: If you were particularly pleased or annoyed about something during your work, it would be better to postpone the completion, as experience has shown that you agree more or less with the statements in the survey at such moments than would usually be the case.

Can I take a break from filling out the survey?

Generally, your answers are saved after every page. You can take a break from filling out the survey and continue at a different time within the survey period. However, your answers are only saved after you filled out at least 10% of the questionnaire. In order to access the survey again, just click the link.

How is the anonymity of my data ensured?

Within the DearEmployee survey, personal data are collected and processed in an anonymized manner with the aim of defining health promoting and personnel development measures. These data are collected, processed, used and communicated in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The collection, processing and use of the data takes place on a voluntary basis. You can find more about this in our data privacy declaration (so far, only in German).

Furthermore, DearEmployee acts according to following principles:

1. Transparency: Each employee should understand what happens to his/her data and why these are processed and saved.

2. Data economy: As much information as necessary, as little information as possible. We only collect data that have genuine added value for the employees. For example, information about absent days can be collected to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented measures.

3. Informational self-determination: Each employee decides individually, which data are used and how they are used, both before and during the survey. Each employee can at any point withdraw his or her consent and have his or her data deleted.

What happens after the survey?

As soon as the survey period is over, DearEmployee analyzes the anonymized data. This is how the most important fields of action are identified.

Above all, however, we also look for correlations: We show which working conditions in your company have an effect on mental health, well-being and performance and plan appropriate follow-up measures with your employer.

In one sentence: What do I get from participating?

With your participation, you actively shape the working conditions in your company and help us to better understand your needs and wishes in your daily work.

I have further questions, who can I ask?

If you have further questions or concerns, you can contact DearEmployee directly via email. We guarantee to handle your inquiry with confidentiality. DearEmployee’s employees would be personally held responsible if they were to forward your inquiry or information from your inquiry to your employer or third parties.