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Mental Health Risk Assessment

Mental health risk assessment – simple and digital

What’s the most important reason for a mental health risk assessment? The health of your employees! Healthy and motivated staff are the most important asset for any company. However, bad working conditions are the root cause of more and more sick days. With DearEmployee’s mental health risk assessment, companies can find out which working conditions have a positive effect on the health of their employees – and which do not. Effective measures can prevent consistently excessive workloads and absenteeism. If you are interested in sustainably promoting the health of your employees, you can also use the mental health risk assessment as a starting point for company health management and for HR development. Often even small measures pay off.


Turn the legal obligation into a chance

Since 2013, all employers in Germany are legally obliged to carry out an assessment of work-related mental stress. This obligation is independent of the size or sector of a company and is anchored in the Occupational Safety and Health Act (§ 5f. ArbSchG). If a particular hazard is identified to be the result of certain working conditions, the employer is obliged to take measures that prioritize staff needs. Trade supervisory authorities monitory whether this obligation is met – failure to do so may result in penalties or recourse claims by the social insurance institutions in the event of illness.


Easier implemented than expected

Many things turn out to be more difficult than you think at first. But this is different with the mental health risk assessment. Many companies are afraid of the resources, time or cost involved in the implementation process. Others are uncertain: which of the many methods (employee surveys, workshops, workplace inspections, etc.) is the most suitable? And does this comply with the law? Before you get into the individual methods, let us advise you as to which method is best for your company. With the right method, a mental health risk assessment can be implemented quickly and easily, while maintaining high standards of quality. Whether in a small to medium sized business, a public services entity or a large corporation. How does it work? With experience. Because selecting methods, establishing a team, communicating well and implementing and interpreting results are simple if you have enough practical experience.

If you want to read yourself first: GDA’s guide provides valuable information on how to implement a mental health risk assessment. It also provides information about the DIN EN ISO 10075 series of standards, which describes the standard for an objective, reliable and valid implementation of a mental health risk assessment.


DearEmployee: the right solution for every company

If you conduct your mental health risk assessment with the DearEmployee platform, the legal obligation in Germany to carry it out becomes an opportunity. Within the framework of such a legal obligation, we determine the working conditions where action is required. This is done with our scientifically validated industry-specific survey method. In addition, we also use an innovative procedure to determine which measures are most suitable for you. Learn more about the connection between your working conditions and the motivation and commitment of your employees to the company.


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