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DearEmployee Survey:
The simple and scientific online survey to improve the mental health of your teams

Every company is different. That’s why employee surveys with DearEmployee are tailored. The survey automatically adapts to your industry, your company, your department or area of work, as well as to answers provided by employees. So that you get more information with fewer questions.

The DearEmployee Survey covers the health, motivation and commitment of employees to the company, in addition to legally required working conditions, for a comprehensive picture of the company’s human resources. It also captures the challenges of the modern working world, such as digitalization and demographic change.


Science-based procedure

For reliable results, standardized and science-based questionnaires are needed. Accordingly, the DearEmployee Survey was developed in cooperation with FU Diagnostik, an institution of the Free University of Berlin. The survey is regularly validated by FU Diagnostik and other research institutions and reviewed in scientific studies. It was developed in accordance with the guidelines of the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA) and the EN ISO 10075-3 standard. In this way, you can be sure that it meets the legal requirements.



The best survey method is only helpful if the right conclusions are drawn from the results. To this end, the DearEmployee Survey combines standard rating questions (similar format to e.g. in COPSOQ) with innovative tags. Tags are industry-specific details that can be selected by employees for specific working conditions. They help to identify the reasons for a positive or negative assessment of working conditions. In particular, the quick selection of tags saves time when compared to free text comments. As the root causes of issues are identified during the survey and not in long workshops, you can get directly involved in planning response measures. And last but not least: because both positive and negative assessments are described with tags, the various departments and teams in your company can learn from each other.


Quick and easy to implement

A survey with DearEmployee can start within a very short time – the survey can be adapted to your company in just a few steps via the DearEmployee Platform. All we need is some information about your organizational structure and your company’s departments or areas of work. If, in addition to the legal requirements, you also want to integrate your company’s key performance indicators, this can also be done quickly. You can also determine the survey cycle – annual, quarterly or monthly. You will receive the results immediately after the survey – conveniently online and downloadable.


Individual through customization

The DearEmployee Survey is primarily aimed at employees. We therefore ask them as much as necessary, but also as little as possible, and we guarantee that we only ask them about issues that really affect them. In a nutshell: the DearEmployee Survey responds to respondents’ behavior, and always asks the right questions. As a result, the survey remains interesting for respondents to complete, which increases the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.


Suitable for companies of any industry and size

Every company should have the opportunity to carry out a mental health risk assessment that is appropriate to its own size. The fit to the industry is ensured by the combination of rating questions and tags: appropriate rating questions are assigned based on the industry first, then industry-specific details (tags) are suggested. If necessary, these can also be supplemented with your own internal company selected options.

For example, the DearEmployee Survey has already been successfully used to record the working conditions of IT specialists, sales staff, teachers, manufacturing staff and other occupational groups.


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