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Simply healthy employees? We show you how.

Simply healthy employees?
We show you how.

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Listen and offer
help directly.

With the DearEmployee Survey, you can find out how your employees perceive their day-to-day work and where they are at in regards to health, motivation and commitment.

Our surveys feel tailor-made. Yet they are quick and easy to implement. They respond to employee responses, allowing you to anonymously offer immediate, personalized help.

Write care in capital letters and easily check off the legally required mental health risk assessment – with our legally compliant process.

Services Survey

Recognize potentials and risks.

With the DearEmployee platform, you gain an overview of the resources that can help increase employee health, motivation and commitment, and concrete solutions are suggested for existing fields of action.

Your specialists and managers can gain insight into the results, with different authorizations, e.g. for the entire organisation, individual teams, departments, management levels or positions.

View benchmark values, download meaningful PDF reports, and receive concrete recommendations, including occupational psychology consulting.

Suitable solutions, directly available

In line with your results, you will get suggestions for the best measures – in the appropriate format for each team. During this process, the Customer Success Team supports you, from planning to implementation.

In addition to the integrated services, you get access to customized offers from certified partners.

Manage your internal and external measures and automatically evaluate their success.

Real support for all employees.

Your employees will receive personalized, anonymous, and immediate support for all personal and professional challenges and in any crisis situations.

Professional counseling by psychological psychotherapists, social workers, and/or nursing professionals is available for every issue and concern.

Additionally, your managers are coached and sensitized, by occupational psychologists and health experts, based on the results of their teams.

You have questions?
Let’s talk!

You have questions?
Let’s talk!
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