DearEmployee GmbH

DearEmployee Care

Real support for all employees.

Effective coaching

Care enables your managers and executives to become experts for the health of their teams through individual coaching. The coaching is carried out by our experienced occupational psychologists and health experts.

Additionally , each and every employee can receive personalized, anonymous, and immediate support for all personal and professional challenges and in any crisis situation.

Instead of undergoing long searches or waiting times, your employees will be connected directly with a suitable professional for their particular concern – from psychological psychotherapists to social workers to nursing professionals.

Relieving HR and management

Every employee has individual concerns and challenges. As an employer, you can’t keep track of them all. Depending on their concerns, many employees prefer external support anyway. Place part of your duty to care in our hands with a clear conscience – we are always there for your employees.

Reaching out gently to those affected

Health management – only for healthy people? Not with us: We address your employees in a targeted manner by responding to their feedback on current stresses. This is done anonymously and tactfully. In addition, we regularly invite your employees to webinars on various topics.

Raise awareness for healthy leadership

The health and motivation of employees depends significantly on leadership behavior, however, not every manager or executive is confident in dealing with health issues. With Care, you can have your management equipped with tips on how to prevent and deal with mental health concerns in the team, in 1:1 coaching sessions.

Inspire and support employees

Regardless of the issue, your employees will always have the right professional at their side: with certified psychological psychotherapists in the case of work-related challenges and acute psychological problems, and with social workers and nursing professionals for all family-related concerns (from daycare to finding a nursing home) – for an unlimited period of time.
“We want your employees to remain carefree and productive in their private and professional lives. That’s exactly what we ensure with Care: consulting services and coaching for every situation in life. Whether conflicts or excessive demands at work. Whether psychological problems or financial worries. Whether looking for a daycare place for the child or a care place for a parent. Always competent advice from our top-trained professionals.”
Dr. Amelie Wiedemann
CSO & Co-Founder von DearEmployee