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Recognize potentials and risks.

Gut feeling was yesterday

HR, executives, health management and occupational health and safety staff finally get the data they need: on the health of the overall organisation, individual departments and/or positions. Managers gain insight into the results of their own teams.

Identify which resources your organization can be proud of – and where there is potential for improvement. The AI-based platform identifies these classifications depending on the goal: promote health, increase motivation, reduce fluctuation.

Our Customer Success team, of occupational psychologists and health experts, is available to support you, and management, in implementing the recommended measures.

Services Insights

Get an overview

Identify at a glance which work conditions are most important for the health, motivation and commitment of your employees and which measures would be effective. See directly which teams have the greatest need for action and where.

Healthy leadership through real insights

Assign custom permissions so that everyone has the ability to view the results that are relevant to them. When analysing the results, questions are sure to arise – which is why our Customer Success team, equipped with psychological expertise, is available to offer support.

Easily communicate the results

You can also download many variations of PDF reports from the platform: this makes it easy to communicate results to different stakeholders. Download an executive summary, team report or comprehensive overview for all teams and departments.

Compare results internally and externally

See the impact of your implemented measures by tracking changes over time. Our benchmark values also help you compare results internally and view the results ranked in comparison with other businesses.

“Dear Employee zeigt, wie moderne HR funktionieren kann: individuell, digital und datengetrieben. HR bekommt aus einer Hand alles zum Thema Gesundheitsmanagement – von der Erhebung der Daten über die Analyse bis zu passgenauen Angeboten für die Mitarbeitenden.”

Dr. Elke Eller
Aufsichtsrätin, ehem. Vorständin/Arbeitsdirektorin TUI