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Suitable solutions, directly available

The best measures in one place

Got the results and no idea what to do next? Not with us! In line with your current results, you will receive ongoing suggestions for the best measures to implement – for each team, and in the appropriate format.

It is not easy to know which measure really makes sense and which provider is suitable. Find offers on the DearEmployee marketplace: from us and our certified partners.

Plan all internal and external measures via the DearEmployee platform and automatically evaluate their success.

Becoming a healthcare champion - step by step

Whether you are starting from scratch or as an OHS heavyweight: we can bring you onboard from wherever you stand. Together, we will establish a sustainable, effective healthcare management by taking a data-driven and sustainable approach.

Certified providers, transparent solutions

Discover directly bookable formats from certified providers that are suggested to you based on your current results – from mindfulness and health apps to ergonomics training and leadership seminars.

Professional support from our experts

Nutze die arbeitspsychologische und gesundheitswissenschaftliche Expertise des DearEmployee Customer Success Teams: gemeinsam konzentrieren wir uns auf “low hanging fruits”, kleine interne Maßnahmen mit großer Wirkung und planen für jedes Team die passenden Formate.

Proven successful and effective

Automatically keep track of the success of all your internal and external measures without any additional effort and write your personal success story: DearEmployee thus reduces 56,5% of all risks and 36,5% of employees at risk of burnout, on average, after only one year.

“For me, Dear Employee is THE health platform for the future of work – ideally suited for medium-sized and large companies. As a company, it’s imperative to empower employees to be healthy and successful both at work and outside of it . That’s where DearEmployee comes in: innovative, data-driven and effective.”

Stefan Ries
Senior Advisor McKinsey; ehemals CHRO SAP