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Listen and offer help directly.

Within reach for your employees

Find out how your employees perceive their day-to-day work and where they are at in regards to health, motivation and commitment – with the DearEmployee Survey.

Through the online survey, your employees provide continuous feedback on all aspects of their day-to-day work, from personal to cultural matters. It’s multilingual, engaging, and scientifically recognized.

The surveys are customizable, with no effort: they adapt to your organization and to each participant. Notably, this intelligent survey can provide your employees with personal recommendations and immediate assistance. This makes early preventative care easy.

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Gain a holistic understanding

By inquiring about the person, task, organisation, space & time, team, leadership and culture, you get a holistic impression of everyday work. With questions regarding health, motivation, and commitment, you can gain an understanding of the correlations between work and the willingness to perform.

Easily identify causes and solutions

Employees can easily submit additional comments for each work condition – the smart survey supports them by offering suitable suggestions. Comments from your employees provide additional starting points for improvements.

Complies with the Occupational Health & Safety Act

The DearEmployee Survey also fulfills all of the requirements of a mental health risk assessment in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. With the legally compliant collection and documentation of data, you can easily set a check mark beside this obligation.

Quick support based on the input

The survey reacts to the responses of your employees and suggests suitable, supportive offers as they are filling it out: in this manner, your offers anonymously reach those who would benefit the most.

“I’m really heavy impressed, the software is easy to use. It’s great that you’re taking companies like us by the hand and showing how to use their platform to meet regulatory requirements.”

Herrn Wendel
Böhme & Weihs