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DearEmployee Workplace Analytics:
Your insight into your business

You will receive the results of the online surveys directly on the DearEmployee Workplace Mental Health platform. But not only that: with DearEmployee you’ll gain detailed insight into the health of your company and be able to directly initiate measures. And you’ll see that healthy working conditions are indeed the engine of your productivity.


Communicate results easily

Some results should be accessible to an entire management team. Some results should only be accessible to individuals. And communication in general can become a challenge. With DearEmployee, different staff can get different access rights to the results, depending on their function. Everyone is then informed individually via the platform – without elaborate presentations and long e-mails.


Determine exact target groups

Which location and which team benefits from which measure? And which working conditions lead to high absenteeism in a specific department? DearEmployee provides precise answers to specific questions with its filter functions for company units, departments and other target groups. And the best thing is: you can not only compare results and key figures, but also receive specific recommendations for each target group.


Integration of corporate key figures

Lack of skilled staff and high staff turnover are big challenges for many companies. Sometimes it is not enough to look at working conditions only from the perspective of mental health. If, for example, a department stands out due to particularly high turnover rates, you will want to know why this is the case. Because only if you know why, can you effect change. On the DearEmployee Platform you can integrate KPIs such as absenteeism, staff turnover rates or productivity measures. And then see directly how improved working conditions not only benefit health, but also motivation and commitment to your company.


Easily present and document results

With DearEmployee you can download the results and recommendations for every target group in the company at any time. You can then use these documents for your presentations and workshops. But you can also use them as a certified mental health risk assessment and possible follow-up measures to which an employer is legally obliged in Germany.


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